Artificial grass garden ideas

We’ve come up with six artificial grass garden ideas to help inspire you when considering whether to have artificial grass installed. Artificial grass has a whole host of benefits, however the main reason people choose it is because it looks perfect all year round! So let’s dive right in to these six ideas:

1. First up is the maybe-not-so-obvious front lawn

It may not be the first place you think of when updating your home, but your front lawn is an important entrance into both your house and life. 

Our first garden idea is to bring this previously unthought-of part of your home and garden into the spotlight with a small section of artificial grass. Depending on the size of your front lawn, you may even be able to carry out this awesome idea using offcuts from installing grass in your back garden! 

front lawn artificial grass

2. Unsure of what to have in your garden alongside your decked area? an artificial lawn may be the perfect choice

If, like this customer, you have a decking area that will likely be a bare-foot place to be in the summer, a great idea would be to have artificial grass everywhere else in your garden. 

Artificial grass is super soft to the touch and you won’t get any soil or dirty feet from walking bare foot on it in the summer either!

Artificial Grass and decking look stunning next to each other, so if you’re after a modern look, this artificial grass garden idea might be the one for you!

decking and artificial grass

3. own a swimming pool? accentuate it with fake grass

If you’re lucky enough to own an outdoor swimming pool in your background, an imaginative idea would be to surround it with artificial grass. 

This would certainly make your swimming pool stand out, and gives the perfect soft-touch border. Plus, due to the properties of artificial grass, you would never have to worry about maintaining it, and it’ll look good all year round – regardless of whether you’re using the pool or not!

4. not got so much space? We've got the artificial grass garden idea for you

Even if you live in a flat and don’t have a traditional garden, you can still have the benefits of artificial grass. If you’ve got a balcony area, you can have that outdoor feeling even if you live in a big city!

A limited space shouldn’t stop you dreaming of an artificial grass garden, plus if you know someone with offcuts, you may be able to complete this idea quite cheaply!

5. want artificial grass but don't want your whole garden done?

Our fifth garden idea is to have an artificial grass ‘feature’. This means only small section of your garden would become artificial and could be used to make a real talking point.

For example, you could have only the back section of your garden artificial grass (photo 1). Or, you could create an artificial grass ‘glade’ area (photo 2).

Another idea would be to have a square section of artificial grass surrounded by stone (photo 3).

6. The sixth, and final, artificial grass garden idea is to have your entire back garden transformed

Leaving the most obvious till last, you could have your whole back garden transformed by having artificial grass installed. It’s really as simple an idea as that!

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