Shock pad for artificial grass

Shock pad is a type of underlay that is often used as a base for artificial grass in schools and nurseries. Made from fused together polyethylene foam, shock pad is a fall-cushioning substrate. It has a spongy-but-firm feel, which makes it perfect for use as an outdoor safety surface.

Shock pads are considered to be one of the most important components of a complete artificial turf system; both increasing the comfort of the artificial turf and extending the life of the turf. They stabilise the ground to allow for an even playing surface throughout the year, regardless of the activity.

Because of the impact absorbing properties of shock pads, they provide a protection against heavy head injuries, which is ideal when installed beneath playground equipment. They are made with safety in mind and absorb the shock of an impact, creating a safer surface for all types of play. When shock pads are a part of a turf system, impacts from falls are reduced and the likelihood of concussion or a brain related injury is decreased. 

shock pad for artificial grass

Shock Pad is a legal requirement in schools where high play equipment is used, but it is also becoming increasingly popular in back gardens. As the trend for bigger and better and ever more complex play structures in back gardens gathers pace, so does demand for the underlay shock pad.

solid shock pad

FrogPad is our brand of shock pad for artificial grass. It is supplied as interlocking panels, making it quick to install. FrogPad is an impact absorbing surface available in four thicknesses, 25mm, 35mm, 45mm and 55mm. It is possible to layer up the shockpad to achieve greater Critical Fall Height results. Our shock pad can be installed directly onto a grass base to reduce groundwork costs if required.


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