Why choose artificial grass?

Why choose artificial grass? We give you the low down on our Top 10 reasons why you should invest in artificial grass.

1. No more mowing

You’ll never have to mow your lawn again! This is probably the number one reason people choose to go with artificial grass. Just think of all the time you’ll be able to relax in your garden in the summer rather than stressing about cutting the grass every week!

2. no watering or feeding

Artificial grass doesn’t need watering and doesn’t need any chemicals to help it grow, ultimately making it better for the environment in the long term.

Say goodbye to your watering can!

3. low maintenance

Keeping your artificial lawn looking good is really easy, the only thing we recommend is to rake up any leaves and to only use a hose for clearing up dog mess. Leading us on to our next reason to choose artificial grass…

The only tool you’ll need is a rake.

4. Dog and pet friendly

An artificial lawn is often dog and pet friendly. Not only does it make clearing up their mess considerably easier, it also is more durable to stand up to the tests of pet ownership. Dogs will struggle to dig up artificial grass that has high ‘turf withdrawal force’ and grass with high water permeability will allow for liquid mess to drain through the artificial grass into the ground below.

pet friendly artificial grass

5. Child friendly

Taller pile heights of artificial grass such as ours make for a softer lawn, which is ideal for rough tumble and play. The artificial grass won’t graze children’s skin, and for added peace of mind, you can even install shock pads underneath, providing children with cushioning in case of any slips or falls.

child friendly artificial grass

6. No muddy mess

Because artificial grass has a good level of water permeability, any rain fall will drain through to the ground below. Because there would be no natural soil or ground near the surface, there would be no muddy mess created by rainfall.

7. High quality

Our artificial grass is of a high quality. The yarn thickness is 150 um (anything over 100 um is high quality), the grass stitching gauge is 3/8” inches (a larger gauge leads to a inferior level of quality) and our stitch density is 16800 – the average premium quality artificial grass has a density of around 16750. On top of all of this, our grass is UV resistant, meaning the colour won’t fade in the sun and your lawn will look good all year round.

8. looks like real grass

Green Frog Artificial Grass prides itself on how realistic our Lush Lawn 35 artificial grass looks. Many artificial grasses have a single, solid colour that is often a bright, very obviously fake green. We use a three-tone grass with both curly and straight yarn, giving it a thicker feeling and more realistic look.

artificial grass garden solihull

9. extreme weather resistant material

Our artificial grass is made out of extreme weather resistant material. This means it will survive the winter cold, the summer heat, and the spring rain and everything else in between! The UV resistance of our grass means it won’t dry out and turn a horrible yellow colour in the summer or look dull and messy in the winter.

10. 8-year guarantee

In some cases, synthetic grass can last over 10 years before needing replacement. This will of course depend on factors such as wear and tear and weather conditions. Our grass is guaranteed to last 8 years, in comparison to many companies who only offer a 5-year guarantee.

If we’ve managed to convince you to choose artificial grass with our Top 10 reasons, give us a call on 01564 742811 or email [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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