Is artificial grass suitable for dogs?

We all know how much your dog means to you, so it’s obvious that you would want give them the best. There are a number of benefits to artificial grass, but we often get asked “what about artificial grass for dogs?”. 

Well, as it turns out, you can still enjoy the advantages of an artificial grass lawn as a dog owner.

If anything, having artificial grass in your garden could actually make your life as a dog owner much, much easier.

When your dog inevitably goes to the toilet, it’s far easier to pick up the mess and urine should drain straight through the grass backing into the ground below.


With artificial grass there isn’t any dirt, which means that when it rains, there will never be any muddy mess which means no muddy paws and more reason to play with your pooch outside.


Artificial grass is hard wearing – it’s not going to get ripped up from your dog running around like mad, and they’re not going to be able to dig holes in it either.


And when your dog does decide to lie down, they’ll love that too – artificial grass is soft and comfortable for pets and children alike.

artificial grass for dogs
pet friendly artificial grass
artificial grass for dogs

The final great benefit we wanted to mention is that artificial grass is non-allergenic and 100% toxin-free. It produces no pollen to trigger allergies in both people and pets. And to top it all off, artificial grass doesn’t provide a tempting environment for mosquitoes, fleas, mites, ticks or other pests that bother dogs and humans. 

If you have any questions about artificial grass for dogs, or anything else, get in contact via email [email protected] or by phone 01564 742811.

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