How long does artificial grass last for?

Artificial grass is much more hardwearing than natural grass.

Fake grass won’t fade or flatten. It is UV stabilised and will retain its colour and integrity year after year.

Proper care and maintenance of artificial grass will ensure a long life for many years to come.

But how long does artificial grass last for?

Although no certified manufacturer guarantees synthetic grass to last more than eight years, high quality artificial turf can last between 10 to 15 years before needing replacement. Our grass is guaranteed to last 8 years.

How long artificial grass lasts for depends on factors such as wear and tear and weather conditions.

While artificial grass is virtually unaffected by the elements, an extremely high volume of foot traffic near the seams may result in separation. Pet waste can sometimes cause discoloration of artificial grass.

Infill of some sand after installation will extend the life span of artificial grass.

However, these and any other issues can easily be resolved with a minimal amount of maintenance.

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