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Artificial grass is a synthetic alternative to natural grass. Often referred to as fake grass, synthetic grass or artificial turf, artificial grass looks remarkably like the real thing with none of the disadvantages of natural turf. It can be installed anywhere you want from gardens and lawns all the way to rooftops and even indoors!

The actual green blade of synthetic grass is comprised of a polyethylene material, a common form of plastic often found in bottles and plastic bags. Colour tones and UV resistant additives are added to the solid pellet form of the plastic.
The thatch layer of synthetic grass is made from either a polypropylene, polyethylene or nylon material. The thatch layer provides the turf with an added layer of support and helps with blade recovery (artificial grass springy-ness).

Here’s just a few reasons why you might choose artificial grass:

  • Low maintenance
  • No more mowing
  • No watering or feeding
  • No muddy mess
  • Looks perfect all year round

In some cases, synthetic grass can last over 10 years before needing replacement. Our grass is guaranteed to last 8 years.
Artificial grass drains water at a higher rate than natural grass and will also dry much faster. Strong and durable materials mean that synthetic grass can handle large amounts of foot traffic. Read our top ten reasons here.

Fake grass won’t fade or flatten. It is UV stabilised and will retain its colour and integrity year after year. Our grass is guaranteed to last 8 years, however in some cases, synthetic grass can last over 10 years before needing replacement. This will of course depend on factors such as wear and tear and weather conditions. Infill of some sand after installation will extend the life span of artificial grass. Read more here

Yarn shape makes a huge difference to the end artificial grass product. Yarns – also known as fibres – are manufactured to form different shapes, and each yarn shape has a whole host of different characteristics, creating many different effects and therefore uses. Knowing a little bit about the different ones can help massively when it comes to deciding which product to go with for your specific requirements. Read more about yarn shape in our blog post here.

DTEX is a manufacturing term – an abbreviation of decitex. In simple terms what this means is that if a single blade of grass was 10,000m long, how much would it weigh in grams. This is important as it affects the durability of the grass. The range of DTEX on artificial grass tends to be between 6600 & 16800. In simple terms the higher the DTEX, the more durable, and long lasting the grass will be. Our grass has a DTEX of 10500D.

Most weeds cannot penetrate a synthetic grass backing, especially if you insert a weed barrier (such as WeedSmart) before your artificial grass is installed over the base.

The main benefit of artificial grass is that it does not need to be maintained in the same way a natural lawn does. However, you will eventually need to rake your fake lawn, as you would with normal grass lawn, to clear away any debris such as leaves. If your grass ever falls flat, you can use a broom or a brush against the natural grain to help the blades stand back up. For more maintenance help, read our blog post here.

Synthetic grass is best known for areas that withstand drought or dry climates; however, it is also ideal for areas that experience large quantities of rainfall. Synthetic turf will filter water through the ground much quicker than natural grass, meaning it will dry much quicker than natural turf.

Yes – taller pile heights give a softer lawn, or short ones are more suitable for ball games.

In many cases yes – urine will drain through the backing into the ground below and will not stain or discolour the grass. Our grass has a withdrawal force of 70 Newtons, meaning your pets won’t be able to dig it up! To read more about artificial grass for dogs, click here.

Green Frog Artificial Grass has a focus on quality – providing products that look and feel amazing. Our grasses are aesthetically pleasing and provide a super realistic, easy maintenance alternative to traditional turf surfacing. 

Our first product, better known as lush lawn 35, is a 35mm tall, 4 tone, u shaped yarn artificial grass with an 8-year guarantee. While it is a perfect choice for a realistic garden look with a super soft touch, lush lawn 35 has a wide range of uses and versatility.
All green frog artificial grass is made from high quality, extreme weather resistant material, making it ideal for a wide range of projects, here’s just a few ideas of where you could use Green Frog Artificial Grass:

  • back gardens/lawn surfaces
  • putting greens
  • playgrounds
  • rooftop gardens/walls
  • inside & surrounding conservatories
  • exhibitions/event flooring/stage shows/film sets
  • surrounding water features/swimming pools/hot tubs
  • extreme weather areas

We can provide you a free fake grass sample in the post. Samples are available via our product page, simply click the “request a sample” button on the product and we will send you a small sample of the product so you can view it before you buy from us.

We have created a measuring guide to help you calculate how much grass you’ll need, click here to access it

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