What is yarn shape? Does it make a difference?

Yarn shape makes a huge difference to the end artificial grass product. Yarns – also known as fibres – are manufactured to form different shapes, and each yarn shape has a whole host of different characteristics, creating many different effects and therefore uses. Knowing a little bit about the different ones can help massively when it comes to deciding which product to go with for your specific requirements. Below, we’ll go over the main types of yarn shape and what they’re best used for.

3D W (also known as the Double W) Fibre

This yarn shape can an withstand large amounts of compression and the turf can bounce back to its original state despite surface weight. The blade offers multiple support points which allows for greater durability and a “memory” effect.

They are considered to be very realistic and durable in high-traffic areas, they can also disperse heat for a cooler feeling lawn.

Diamond de-lustered fibre

Soft but sturdy feel. It’s durable and can hold itself up when it comes to foot traffic.

Flattened oval with spine

Gives turf a realistic appearance and creates a stronger blade core.

mini c-shape fibre

Known for preventing tangles and matting, the c-shape yarn reinforces the grass, allowing them to spring back to their original position. Over time this c-shaped yarn structure is longer lasting and more resilient than other artificial grass yarns. 

mini w-shape fibre

These fibres diffuse sunlight and will not absorb heat like other shapes. Artificial turf made with this yarn shape could be 15 degrees cooler than other artificial grasses.

m shape fibre

Ideal for heavy foot traffic as a result of its durability.

Due to the way this yarn shape reflects light, it produces a lawn that looks incredibly similar to natural grass.

omega fibre

Generally used in pet friendly grasses and artificial grass with shorter pile heights. The inclusion of moisture is possible within this shape fibre, which can reduce the risk of injury when used in sporting environments.

oval fibre

The oval yarn shape is soft to the touch whilst still maintaining durability.

seven stem fibre

A unique shape with smooth, angled surfaces along the length of the blade that both diffuse light and reduce reflection, for a look that is incredibly close to natural grass.

s shape fibre

The most realistic looking yarn shape because of its plump design and mirroring effect. Sturdy enough to withstand heavy foot traffic.

u shape fibre

Most popular shape because it is versatile and will retain its u-shape even when the foot traffic is heaviest. The softest shape fibre made to withstand all weather and wear. (Our Lush Lawn 35 has a u-shape fibre)

vista fibre

Shaped like the letter ‘V,’ the Vista blade allows for the artificial turf to have longer durability.

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