How much artificial grass do I need?

How much artificial grass you need depends on the length and width of your desired installation area, whether that’s your garden, a section of decking or a playground.

To work out how much artificial grass you need, follow these simple steps:

  1. Measure your desired installation area – we use a measuring wheel, but a tape measure will suffice!
  2. Download our printable measuring guide
  3. Draw your installation area from the primary viewpoint (e.g. the view from your house)
    1. Work out the square meterage and allow for extra length if you would like to install curved areas or install over mounds.
    2. Work out whether it would be best to use 2m wide or 4m wide rolls of grass.

Key things to consider when installing Artificial Grass:

  • Grass rolls should be laid in the same direction to give the highest quality finish. We recommend rolling out grass length by length away from the primary viewpoint (e.g. away from your house).
  • Our artificial grass comes in 2m or 4m widths, and lengths of up to 25m but can be cut to your required size if necessary.
  • If multiple rolls of grass are required, they should be laid so that there are as few joins between them as possible. Any joins should be placed in inconspicuous areas.

Give us a call on 01564 742811 or email [email protected] and we’ll supply you with a quote. If you are a little unsure on how much artificial grass you need due to complex features in your desired installation area, we are able to carry out a site visit.

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