What to do with artificial grass offcuts?

When installing artificial grass you’re bound to have some extras (also known as offcuts) and in this day and age, no-one wants to throw away waste. So, we’ve come up with ten ideas to put your artificial grass offcuts to good use, which we’ll go into in this article. 

1. Upholster your furniture

Been wanting to change up your sofas but never had the chance to actually do it? Well, with your artificial grass offcuts you now have no excuses to get around to doing that bit of DIY upholstery!

2. Art installation

Feeling creative? Use your offcuts to create a piece of art! This can be a large scale feature piece, or something small that can be put together with your kids.

3. living room decoration

Spruce up your living room with artificial grass details and decorations. Think: rugs, cushions, wall art, table covers… The list goes on!

4. Artificial Grass clothing

If you have an obsession for artificial grass, why not take your offcuts and an old pair of flipflops and turn them into something brand new?! Other artificial grass clothing ideas include; jackets, hats, (bow)ties, crocs… The list goes on!

flip flops

5. Drawer/shelf liners

Next up is another DIY upcycle idea use the artificial grass to line your bedside table drawers or even update your shelving units. 

6. Doormats

A simple yet effective idea for your artificial grass offcuts is… doormats! Offcuts are usually square or rectangular anyway, making them perfect for a brand new doormat.

7. Table runner

With Christmas just around the corner, now’s the perfect time to think about your decorations. Making your dinner table the centrepiece at Christmas is usually the forefront of many people’s minds and what better an idea than an artificial grass table runner?

8. Stick it on (or in!) your car

While you may need a bit more than just a small offcut for this idea, it’s certainly an innovative idea! (Though, you might have to be quite ballsy to go for covering your whole car with artificial grass!) Alternatively, you could use your artificial grass to create new funky floor mats for your car.

9. grassy house number

Be the envy of your neighbours with this cool artificial grass house number idea. You can either create the shapes out of artificial grass offcuts or you can use it as the background with metal numbers placed on top. 

10. Handbag re-vamp

Our final idea for your artificial grass offcuts is yet another DIY one. This time we’re suggesting a re-vamp of an old handbag (or laptop bag, or purse, or even a clutch bag). Great for special occasions and fancy dress parties alike.

We hope you liked our ideas for you artificial grass offcuts. To get your own offcuts, get in touch with us to get a quote for your garden installation.

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